by David Cawston

The God of Opportunities
David Cawston
Daniel 3:14-30

Our God is a God of the unusual. He always does things differently than we expected. It always requires great faith and courage on behalf of His people. They are always driven to the edge of desperation. He never does two things exactly the same. He is a God of Great opportunities!

I. Opportunities are wrapped in unusual circumstances.
The Bible is filled with people who have found God in the midst of the most unusual circumstances.
Abraham and Isaac - Genesis 22
God's call on Samuel with Eli - I Samuel 3
Elijah in hiding because of the drought - 1Kings 17
Anointing of David as King - I Samuel 16
Three Hebrew children - Daniel 3
The Birth of John the Baptist - Luke 1
The Conception and Birth of Jesus - Matthew 1
Blind Bartimaeus - Mark 10
Crippled by the Pool of Bethesda - John 5
Feeding of the 5000 - Matthew 14
Lame man by the Gate Beautiful - Acts 3
Paul and Silas in a Philippian Jail - Acts 16
Paul in Prison at Rome
John on the Isle of Patmos

Opportunities must be discerned. Not every opportunity is of God! The enemy has learned that God is a God of opportunities and he uses many to his advantage against the undiscerning saint.

I John 4:1
1 "Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world."(NKJ)

Numbers 22 Balaam to prophecy against the children of Israel

Gideon discerned this in the story of the Fleeces. - Judges 6:36

Opportunities are never forced. God never forces an opportunity upon His people. They are usually waiting there in the course of life to be taken.

A. Sometimes they are the revelation of God because you have been looking to Him for an answer.

Illus. Abraham with Isaac on the mountains of Moriah.
He had already told Isaac that God would provide.

B. Sometimes they are the next right step.
Paul a ...

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