by David Cawston

David Cawston
Isaiah 53:3-5

Today we celebrate Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Rather than speaking about His entrance I would like to focus on the fickleness of the people. Today they are ready to hail Him King yet by the end of next week they are crying crucify him.

Four years ago at this season George Bush had the highest rating of any American President yet by November He was rejected as President.

Rejection is one of the most difficult experiences of human life

We all must learn to cope with it. Children feel rejection the most. Talking harsh to little ones. Children are being left alone too much to fend for themselves. They are not receiving from us as parents enough attention and approval. We seem too busy for that but instead we are there to be their disciplinarians. Discipline Reject the behavior but not the child It's hard to separate the two. Those you correct you should doubly approve. ADD seeking as a child for attention = approval as a person.

God approves us more than He punishes us. In Ephesians he tells us that "we are accepted in the beloved." New Testament Epistles calls us Saints
Joint Heirs with Jesus Christ
Not condemned of God
Notice the great rise of this disorder ADD.
"Why do I need you to love me for me to like myself" -Dr. Barry Lubethin
The absence of approval has created this deficit. A deficit of self-esteem and ultimately rejection.

Jesus went through rejection for all of us who feel it.

Hebrews 4:14 "For we have not a High Priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities weaknesses..."

He identifies with our rejections.

The rejections God went through
Rejection of Israel
-Worship at Sinai
-Asking for a King
-The rejections of Jesus

Easter week high's to lows
He did something about it.
He identified with its pain.
He taught us how to rise above it
He showed us how to overcome it.

I. He identified with rejec ...

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