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There is a great move alive today!

Let's illustrate.

For years, many para-church youth organizations focused ministry toward the campuses of America. But now, church youth ministries in America are awakening to the great open door and the "field ripe for harvest" on the campuses of America. Students from many churches are seeing their schools as the place where God is working and wanting to work through them. It was as if the Marines had hit the beach first, the para-church youth organizations, ahead of the rest of the troops. But now the Army, Navy, Air Force, students from thousands of local church youth ministries, are also moving toward the campuses!

Think about this with me!

-There is a Christian on every campus in our nation, including our community.

-There is a Christian church within reach of every school.

-Almost very future leader passes through the doors of a junior high and high school. (Every future judge, CEO, police officer, schoolteacher, U.S. President.)

-Young people are far more reachable for Christ before leaving high school than after.

-75% of all decisions for Christ take place by age 17.

That is the vision behind Challenge 2000. With a massive goal to reach 56,000 campuses, there is a sense of urgency to insure that every student, on every school, in every community has a chance to hear the invitation to respond to Christ, at least once. This is Challenge 2000 Sunday, a day set aside to dedicate students, educators and others who take their ministry role on campus seriously and as a call from the Lord.

We want to be one of those churches dedicated to reaching teenagers for Christ. We can begin to do this as each one of us commits to Adopt A School for Christ. We want to stand with our youn ...

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