by Doug Tegner

The Day in Which We Live
Doug Tegner

Do you know anyone like that?
The Day a day that can best be described as Change is in the air.

Where will our culture land? We are in the midst of a culture war.

The audio drama reflects the current contradictions and dilemmas faced by what many have called Generation X or Baby Busters.

For purposes of understanding, history shows that on average, modern generations stretch across a little over 20 birth years.

The Baby Busters culture loosely defines those currently age 14 - 34.
Those born between 1961 and 1981. There are 80 million of them.

A new generational pattern is evolving w/ children age 13 and under. As a group they have been affectionately called the millennial generation ... a new system and world order is coming their way as they graduate from high school in the first years of a new millennium.

What has taken place during the span of the past 20 - 30 years?
Single parent families
Child Abuse
Daily Television Viewing
Teen Suicide Rate

We all have noted the changes but let's look a little closer.

They make up the most diverse generation in American history ethnically, culturally, economically and in family structure; the only generation born since the Civil War to come of age unlikely to match their parents economic fortunes.

TV sitcoms and marketing ads target them as beasts of pleasure who have trouble understanding words longer than one syllable.

These are kids growing up at the mall, buying groceries for a busy mom or dad, kids battling back against drugs and alcohol, young adults dealing with a peer culture far more dangerous than anything their parents knew.

As a group, they aren't what older people wish they were, but rather what they themselves know they need to be:

Street -smart survivalists clued into the game of life the way it really is played, searching for simple things that work in a cumbersome society that offers little.


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