by Doug Tegner

A Mother's Living Legacy
Doug Tegner

At least this one day a year, we need to stop and consider the Unique and Vital role that God has given to mothers and mothering...especially in our day when scores of voices are shouting for women and mothers to abandon the priority of caring for children with unrushed attention.

Out message has something for all of us today. For those who are mothers, those who have mothers, and those who know mothers!

OK Moms...take a deep breath. You have had a long week.. .you always have long weeks!

You have such a complex and essential job description.

Shuttle driver, cook, meal planner, interior designer, crafts person, at times....mechanic, landscaper, bookkeeper, counselor, referee, artisan, disciplinarian...and many of you are attempting to do that while providing for your family financially as well, through outside employment.

Moms many of you are driven and tossed by some cultural winds that are blowing many different directions. Some of the God's ordained views of mothering are derided and excused as old fashioned and archaic. The world of radical feminism is robbing many mothers of the value and reward ordained by God

Women who are intent on placing a huge priority on their children are often held hostage from many different sides; the world, female peers, a husband, for some: an ex-husband, at times: your own children themselves, and also, the workplace.

Moms are expected to be all things to all people and yet, many I talk to feel they can never do enough, sense they are constantly compared, often feel overwhelmed, asked to do more, and seldom her a thank you.

TV portrays one image of motherhood. Magazines another. Your own kids tell you about the mom down the street. Even a husband might remind you that is not the way he was raised.

More and more feel they are giving out alot more than they take in.

Let's Turn to Proverbs 31
No moms...we are not planning to overwhelm you today...we wan ...

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