by Doug Tegner

Know Fear
Doug Tegner

Fear that comes to a group or community
Fear that comes to you personally
Some of us have a built in antenna to read situations to fear
Sometimes the fears that the community feels take root in us

What brings you the most fear? No fear vs. Know Fear

All of us face fears
God listens to the cries of people especially when the righteous cry out under affliction.
(implied: due to their righteousness?)

The fact that God hears the cries of His people and delivers them from their distress He intervenes distinguishes Him as the true and living God. Others cry out to idols, they do not respond.

Oh Lexus; Please help;
Oh my drugs; please intervene;
Oh my position and status of power; come and rescue me
Oh my professional education; can't you do something about this?;
Please, oh please, oh check book; bail me out of this one.
When you face the strongest fears, material or worldly don't respond.

1) God knows our limits of fear and often leads us away from the most fearful challenges. (13:17, 18)
God knew the Israelites past bondage and also their limitations.
He also led them another way to perform his greater miracles.
Led them first south and then north and encamped them.
NOTE: 14:3-4
wandering around and hemmed in;
God would once and for all bring an end to Pharaohs' taunting.
vs. 4
Leads to the next principle in fear-producing situations...

2) The situations that lead to our being fearful can lead to the glory of God and spiritual growth. (14:4)
Behind those situations that cause us to fear is a God who intervenes.

Whether He arranges or whether we choose to get ourselves into the situation, God waits to be sought and trusted. Remember, trust implies actions of obedience and faithfulness and courage.

Their obedience resulted in more short-lived, fear-producing results.
Pharaoh and troops changed their minds; we let our servants go!
His chariot; 600 best PLUS the rest ...

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