by Doug Tegner

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God's Loyal Love (1 of 2)
Series: Minor Prophets
Doug Tegner
Hosea 1:2-3

Something deep within us is moved when we see a loyal love spurned. Turn to HOSEA. Begin series on MINOR PROPHETS.

Setting Time of outward prosperity Successful in wars Increased projects in the land Multiplied fortresses Agriculture Flourished Expansion of the land; had annexed new territory

But people substituted outward (external) forms for the inward realities All types of sin were rampant. Great moral and spiritual decline was evident.

Hosea preaches during this lowered spiritual life and moral decline.

Story: READ 1:2-3 First recorded command of God to this prophet Marry this woman know for her adultery.

QUESTION has always been: was she a prostitute before or was God saying she was going to become one later - after marriage?

The context seems to reveal that Hosea and all of Israel knew this woman as a prostitute or adulterer.

Bad news travels fast: Hey Gomer got married! She married a preacher!

God was about to use a Living Object Lesson for all of Israel to notice And it didn't stop with Gomer and her marriage. After being married to Hosea, she gave birth to three kids. The first was Hosea's son. 1:4, 5 Boy=Jezreel Reminder to Israel; implied the 'end of the kingdom' The next two could have been conceived by other men 1:6 Girl=Lo-Ruhamah Means: not pitied/not loved, unnoticed - not special 1:9 Boy=Lo-Ammi not my people; rejected by God

Chapter 3 READ 3:1-3 real life marriage illustrates spiritual prinicple between God and Israel Show your love: the actions of love though she is loved by another: even in her adultery Love her as the Lord loves Israel; not love her as yourself love with the love of loyalty

So Hosea went on a search: find his wife and do whatever it takes found her for sale as a slave.


Chapter 2 teaches us the real Heart Issues How did Gomer end up like this? and, How did God bring her back and show his lo ...

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