by Doug Tegner

All the Foundations of the Earth Are Shaken
Doug Tegner
Psalm 82

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday...A day we take to celebrate and acknowledge God's image that has been set within the human race.

This day to celebrate the sanctity and value of human life is intentionally planned to coincide with the Sunday closest to Jan. 22, the day, twenty years ago in 1973, when the Roe vs. Wade decision in our Supreme Court legalized Abortion on demand.

That word-Abortion... Bring up the issue of abortion in some social gatherings and the party will break up real quick. It's not a fun fact, a lot of people wish the word or topic would never come up. We wish we never had to deal with it or think about it.

Many avoid this word and issue at almost all costs because especially in our day it is a polarizing subject. Immediately people want to know if you are pro-life or pro-choice. Then it becomes more heated the fundamentalists taking on the pro-death camp, as both sides tend to describe the other side.

It is invisible; We don't really see it take place. It is polarizing: school debates, denominations, friends, even families divide over it. In fact, the rhetoric is so loud we seldom hear what the other side is saying and the facts are seldom shared.

We need to be well-informed and speak the truth in love on issues related to the sanctity of life. We are often as uniformed as the rest of the population often because the media portrays stereotypes or we really do not know how to find the real facts.

For instance, many assume or believe that abortion is primarily a teenage problem, others believe or assume that it is mostly a dilemma in inner city schools and urban or ethnic communities.

But the facts reveal:
76% abortions are performed on those over 20 years old. It's not primarily a teenage issue.
64% are with white women it's not an ethnic or inner city stereotype.
49% are performed on women who have ...

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