by Doug Tegner

Fear of Threats to our Families
Doug Tegner

Our day: full of realities that cause fear in our minds.
At times, can't help imagine or consider certain tragedies or events could strike us or those we love.
teenage child riding with anothercrime

Last Fall in our Tri-cities community, news of killing or assault in 2 weeks (New/Fre/Hay/SL), 5 killed, and 2 other teens and one 10 yr old shot most by their peers.

Naturally, most parents went on alert just as we do when ever we hear of a kidnapping, a drunk driver, a teenage pregnancy, or sexual abuse of a minor.

This AM, looking at the fear that comes from threats to our families.
For parents, you can rattle off a long list of threats you fear.

If you are a child or teenager, you can list fears of your own.
Children and teens confess they fear the loss of their parents through death or the loss of the family life through divorce. They also speak of fear of a home intruder or assault.

If you are a single adult, you have a host of fears as well...fears about your family, close friends, fear for yourself or possibly for someone you love. Many single adults acknowledge their fears of assault, disease, being alone and having no help in crisis.

So this AM, let's take a closer look at these fears most of us share and God's Word which gives us perspective. Let's pray.

The fears most of us share can be generally grouped into two categories:
1) Fears due to threats to our Physical Body
That we might face the loss of someone a child or parent through death, disease, an accident or tragedy.

2) Fears due to threats that a child or parent will make a life-dominating mistake fearing that they will not live out the values or beliefs of our family.

Fueling this fear is the possibility that our relationship, the peace of life in our home may fail or that we will face extreme embarrassment and a changed lifestyle due to the choices of this child or parent.

Just before we look to G ...

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