by Doug Tegner

Fathering in the Fast Lane
Doug Tegner

Running so fast....Never Finished...never enough...always more

Tired...Alot of Men are worn-out...boss, family, job drain you.

Lonely...depressed...unattached....emotionless...The Friendless
American Male.

As men and fathers, it seems that at the same time we have run up the score we have been injured along the way.
Disillusionment ... Personal Doubt ... Restless Spirit ... Bored
Guilt ... Falling Short...

Many men do have a winning score, but most of them are tired. Just as in sports, as individual team members of the team are injured, the team as a whole begins to lose rhythm, courage and will. So it often is with fathers and our families.

IN SPORTS, we know that tired players injure the easiest.
Yes...we are prosperous, but at what price?

The most lasting satisfaction of life is in our relationships, yet so often we trade those in for careers which take us away from those things and people which we know are most meaningful.

Many men who have chased their dreams have lost their families.
(ill. Pete Rose article and Jimmy Jones and Dallas Cowboys)
Well Jimmy has a Super Bowl ring and no family.

The FASTLANE of fatherhood today pressures fathers from many sides:

Today we live in a world that teases us to
buy things we don't need,
with money we don't have,
to impress people we don't know.

The changes come quickly;
our original game plans have to be altered,
at an age when we should be living and enjoying our days to the fullest...we get no rest.

What we once thought were priorities become options...maybes and if-I-can-get-around-to-it.

A true story from a couple years ago illustrates the point
The photographer for a national magazine was assigned to get photos of a great forest fire. Smoke at the scene hampered him so he frantically called his home office to fire a plane. It will be waiting for you at the airport! He was assured by his editor.


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