by Doug Tegner

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Telling the Truth (8 of 9)
Doug Tegner

Study revealed:1 of 3 professionals hired had resumes w/ doctored facts
Say what needs to be said to get what you need.

What is the first thing you most always hear when you ask someone...what do you really look for in a friend?
What hurts you more than anything else in relationships with others?

How we hate to be lied to!
Violated when stolen from; BUT Deeply hurt when lied to.
Bumps and bruises in our relationships...OK but lied to??

Evidence of outright deception bold face lying; chances are the relationship is almost over
If not a fatal wound, definitely in the intensive care unit.
Can't stand being lied to!
Parent and child relationship
tell me the truth and there still may be consequences
lie and you will receive at least double
Something inside of us longs and craves to be treated truthfully, yet we will find in the word of God that we all must deal with this issue of lying in our own lives.

Our scripture is in EXODUS 20 as we look at the 9th commandment
You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

Testimony: To Testify To Repeat To Return to
Duplicating over and over Going Around and around
False: Groundless Without basis or fact
Any verbal accusation or declaration not based on fact

Earliest judicial system, no lawyers, your word plus witnesses and a judgment was made. Scripture shows: can be reliable or truthful or false ... so, required two or three witnesses to testify and also made the one giving the report subject to the same penalty they had hoped to inflict. But beyond the judicial setting were the principles for society and relationships to be lived in community...

1. SLANDER report things about others that you don't know to be true.
Backbite and gossip about another: akin Murder: Killing w/ tongue

Augustine: The tongue inflicts greater wounds than the sword

With this command to NOT RAISE a false report again ...

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