by Doug Tegner

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Steal No More (7 of 9)
Doug Tegner

Steal No More
How many ways are there to steal? (e.g. software, work)
How easy it is to twist the rules...
All of us see ways we can take advantage of a situation...

STRAW POLL How many of you have ever had something stolen?
Home broken into

When violated, angry, confused, feeling unsafe
People go to extreme measures to protect their property
e.g. gate sign, This property is protected by a pit bull with AIDS

Commands of God are given to give show us the character of
God and reveal the type of life that is holy and perfect.
It also marks out a clear path; how to live in society w/ others.
The 10 C's as the law of God what a holy life is like life of integrity our life a fully devoted follower of Christ.

Human nature is prone to hear a command of God and legislate it externally to conform on the outside to avoid trouble or getting caught enough just to get-by.

If honest, we'd admit that within our hearts and motivations, often rush to the edge to see how close we can come without 'officially breaking the law'

This is especially true in the last three commandments...the ones that someone has called, Our favorite sins.

I have to admit, as prepared each time for this series I see how easy it is to break one of these c's in action or heart. Saw this one coming, Great! Never had a problem with!

But after studying the word of God in this area, I see how often I'm teased by the enticement that this commandment warns against.

The Word of God often shocks us!
It penetrates as a shining light to the recesses of our inner life and conscience. It opens the closets of secrecy and privacy in our mind points out what is really there. The Word of God forces us to become realistic with what we are really like...or we run!
And this is true with this 8th Commandment You Shall Not Steal!

How many of you remember at least one time when you intentionally took someth ...

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