by Doug Tegner

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Restraining Our Desires (9 of 9)
Doug Tegner
Exodus 20:17

Shocking to see what some will clutch onto at the end of their life.

Please turn to EXODUS 20
First four Vertical; second six Horizontal

Of the second set, the previous 5 commands were all actions or behaviors of sin; dishonor of parents, murder, adultery, theft, lying.

This command identifies a sin that may never lead to an action or outward behavior.

READ Ex. 20: 17

Understanding what coveting is can be elusive and vague in our minds.
What is it to Covet? Simple root: DESIRE
(notice the general references to ownership and marriage)

Scripture identifies and affirms our built-in God-given desire to
provide for our daily needs, to see to it that you and those you are
responsible for have food and shelter.

Proverbs 30:8
...give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread

He acknowledges our desire to work hard and use our own effort to meet our basic physical needs.

1 Tim. 5 tells us we must provide for our own families.

He also acknowledges the desire in many people to marry.
These desires and the righteous actions to meet these needs are affirmed.

Coveting takes place when we passionately desire these things outside of the will, timing and providence of God.

insatiable desire of getting something
can't shake it; can't let it go; to fix attn on it
object is delightful...but not yours!
to desire to have more
to desire more than enough
to overreach
It's an OVER-REACHING or CRAVING DESIRE that causes us to FIXATE on an possession, a person, property or even a position.

God is pinpointing a basic truth our mind and its affections can be so pervasive and subtle, that we can become possessed by desire and fixated on something that is not rightfully ours.

When we covet, we set our sights on something and decide we're not going to rest until we get it.
e.g. recall the Texas mother who a ...

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