by Doug Tegner

Close to His Majesty
Doug Tegner
Psalms 145

How would you explain God? Where do you start? Father, Creator,
My Savior, He's Big, He's Awesome, He's Love, He's Holy, He's above us. He's out there, He's in here, He's ...

He's mysterious.
He is definitely misunderstood by our culture.
He is cultic (Waco)
He is too far away (those who need help now and can't seem to find it)
He is too close (I wish He wouldn't be so specific and so close)

Our day great thoughts about man and small thought about God.

One thing to know about God and to list His attributes with no passion or emotion...quite another to experience a closeness to Him that moves you deeply in heart and soul.

How do you define a peach? OR with Joseph Simon re: coke taste and see Ps. 34:8

Motivation to come to church is often more social than spiritual

Nothing impresses us and there is little awe in our lives

Passionless because we have seen it all, too tired, too much to do, too many options and too centered on our world and woes.

Our eyes have not been lifted to heaven, to God, to his work, to eternity. But instead it is merely to the sensual...what I see and touch.

What captures us? What moves us deep within? What touches our emotions?

This Psalm shows us that there is a Powerfully Deep impact in our lives when we proclaim His attributes, His names, His works, His traits.

Written by David near the end of His life. MY PSALM. David's Psalm. Journey w/ David to see how He grew close to His Majesty. How he composed a written record to express the awe and closeness to
God that he had gained through the years.

Ps. 145:1 I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever.
Ps. 145:2 Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever.
Every day whatever the type of day I have; (Bad hair day)
Not just on holy or happy days. All days.
I will praise you not just thank you!
Closer and closer ...

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