by Doug Tegner

Atheism in the Church
Doug Tegner
Psalm 119

Gallup shows that 81% of American people claim to be Christians...yet lifestyles and current moral climate in our country say otherwise.

Seems like a Paradox increased religious interest; decreased morality

BUT, Approximately 80% of American people say they agree that an individual should arrive at his or her own religious belief independent of any church or synagogue.

Key to the paradox of Religion Up Morality down is the fact that those who claim to be Christians are arriving at faith on their own terms that make no demands on behavior.

An example was given by Chuck Colson in Against the Night

A woman named Sheila was interviewed from a Protestant church background and shared I believe in God, she said. I can’t remember the last time I went to church. But my faith has carried me a long way. It’s 'SHEILA-ism.’ Just my own little voice.

Colson goes on to say:
When the not-so-still- small voice of the self becomes the highest authority, religious belief requires
Comittment to no authority beyond oneself. Then the religious groups become merely communities of autonomous beings being yoked together solely by self-interest or emotion.

I call this Atheism in the Church.

What are some of the attitudes that are washing away a number of professing Christians?

A primary attitude that is leading literally millions of church-goers to live more like atheists than true believers is the placing of EXPERIENCE AND PERSONAL OPINION above the literal words of God in the Bible.

Have you noticed the number of subtle comments which reveal a resistance or disbelief in the word of God?

In my opinion

That was then; this is now

I know that is what it says, But, in my experience...

Yes...that is what the word says...But its so hard....

An unspoken one: Intimidated by worldly teaching so only believe Bible if it agrees with what they hear in my class or what is the latest finding. ...

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