by Rick White

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Lessons for Life Learned at Christmas (5 of 5)
Series: Hope For The Holidays
Dr. Rick White
Matthew 2:1-12

Lessons about life can be learned in almost any context if we have a teachable spirit. Perhaps there is no more important time for learning than Christmas and some of the most important lessons we can ever learn are readily available to us during the days we are focused on Christmas. (Veggie Tales Video)

Shepherds - Seize The Moment.
1. Investigate the claims for yourself.
2. Grab hold of the opportunity for life change.

(Read Luke 2:8-2:20 NIV)

Wise Men - Keep Your Eye On The Goal!
1. Identify what is worth following in life.
2. Give yourself to it with passion.

(read Matthew 2:1-2:12 NIV)

Three Wise Women:
You know what would have happened if it had been three wise women instead of three wise men visiting baby Jesus, don't you? They would have asked for directions; arrived on time; helped deliver the baby; cleaned the stable; made a casserole; and brought baby gifts.

Joseph - Believe The Best About People.
1. Refuse to live your life as a cynic.
2. Risk being a friend to someone who needs a friend.

(read Matthew 1:18-1:25 NIV)

Mary - Trust God For The Impossible.
1. Identify what seems to be impossible in your life.
2. Be willing to trust God for the impossible in your life.

(read Luke 1:26-1:38 NIV)

A few weeks ago during Christmas worship I told you about the man who made a pilgrimage to Calcutta to work with Mother Teresa. He asked her to pray for him that he would find clarity in his life. She refused his request but told him she was willing to pray that he would simply trust God.

Still, in the midst of it all I saw - even though I did not feel - that this day may prove to be a grace after all. Somehow I realize that songs, music, good feelings, beautiful liturgies, nice presents, big dinners, and many sweet words do not make Christmas. Christmas is saying "yes" to something beyond all emo ...

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