by Rick White

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Thank God It's Friday! (3 of 3)
Series: Embracing the Cross
Rick White
John 19:28-35

Introduction: A businessman stepped into an elevator and was greeted by a very beautiful blond who said to him, ''TGIF''.
The businessman smiled at her and said, ''S-M-I-O-T''.
She looked at him with a very puzzled look and said, ''TGIF'' again.
He responded once again by saying, ''S-M-I-O-T''.
This time the blond lady smiled her biggest smile and as sweetly as she knew how she said, ''TGIF''.
Without any hesitation the businessman replied ''S-M-I-O-T''.
The blond was a little exasperated and decided to explain things; Thank God, Its Friday, get it?
The man answered, ''Sorry Miss, its only Thursday''.

If you've ever heard someone say thank god its Friday, or said it yourself in heartfelt and exhausted tones, then you probably already know what this is about. It's that feeling of exhaustion and overload, a burden too long carried. It's a condition that is so common they even made a movie about it. TGIF is a signal, a warning that your life is out of balance.

1. All of us have bad days from time to time. They seem to come out of nowhere and can affect the whole of life (personal, family, business, etc.).

2. A bad day is not necessarily 24 hours, but a season of stress of difficulty. You may be thinking, 'one bad day wouldn't be so bad', but they keep coming.

3. If you want to talk about having a bad day- a day of incredible, exhausting, literally death- dealing suffering-Good Friday certainly would qualify. It's a day Jesus was rejected by people he was depending on. All the things that constitute human bad days-days like we all go through from time to time-are focused in this one. None of us have ever had a day like he experienced.

(read John 19:28-35 NIV)

John 4:34 (NIV)
34''My food,'' said Jesus, ''is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.

John 5:36 (NIV)
36''I have testimony weightier than that of John. For the very wor ...

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