by Rick White

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Unmoved by the Cross? (1 of 3)
Series: Embracing The Cross
Dr. Rick White
Mark 15:16-25

Introduction: Julia "Butterfly" Hill made international headlines December 19, 1999, when she climbed down from her perch 18 stories up in an ancient redwood tree near Stafford, California. In 1997, she had taken up residence in the tree located on the private property of the Pacific Lumber Company to protest the harvesting of ancient trees. This demure young lady brought the logging industry to its knees by remaining in the tree for two years. As part of the arrangement by which Hill exited the tree, Pacific Lumber officials agreed to abide by conservation agreements, save the tree that had been her home for two years and give $50,000 to a university program for forestry studies.

Julia Hill identified with a tree and made a powerful statement. Such is the influence of one person in a tree.

At the center of our faith is the story of One who did not live in a tree for two years but hung on a tree for six hours. Instead of descending from the tree under His own power, He died there and was lowered by others. Saving trees was not His purpose. He was there to save us from our sin. No mere commercial lumber company had to come to grips with Him. Sin, death and hell had to pay the price for His invasion of their realm.

What if we identified with the tree, the old rugged cross, on which He died? What if every day in every way our lives demonstrated the power of that ancient Tree? What if we made it the symbol and center of operations in every area of our lives every day?

In just a few weeks we are going to celebrate the joy and hope of Easter. We will have four services on that weekend and I hope you will do your best to make sure some friend who needs Christ will be present. However, before we get to Easter we need to pause again at the foot of the cross. There is an awesome power about the cross.

1 Corinthians 1:18 (NIV)
For the message of the cross is foolish ...

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