READY - FIRE - AIM! (1 OF 6)

by Rick White

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Ready - Fire - Aim! (1 of 6)
Series: Does Anybody Know What We're Suppose To Be Doing?
Charting Our Course: Declaring Our Purpose
For The 21st Century
Acts 2:41-47

What Do I Want The People To Know? I want the people to know and understand that there is always something that drives a church. It maybe personalities, programs, power groups, traditions, expectations, etc. or purpose.

What Do I Want The People To Do? I want the people to understand the Biblical purpose of the church and commit to becoming a purpose driven church.

Series Introduction: Today we are beginning a new series called Charting Our Course: Declaring Our Purpose For The 21st Century. I have been talking about it for the past several weeks, hopefully you received a letter in your home encouraging your participation and soliciting your prayer support. There are some things that I want to share with you today as we begin that I believe are very important.

- As I have shared with you, I believe it is going to be one of the most important series I have ever given. In many ways the preparation for this series has become a "defining moment" for me.

- It has been the longest birthing process of any series that I have ever experienced. It began as a "reaction" (negative) within me. Six months ago I could not have given this series. It was not for lack of information but rather a matter of personal heart transformation. In essence God had to do some things in my life before I could share this with you.

- The church is the most volunteer intensive organization in the entire world. There are hundreds of people giving their time and talent in order for us to do church on a weekly basis.

- Because it is the most volunteer intensive organization it has also become for me the most leadership stressful. I love the ministry of proclaiming the Word. There is nothing else I had rather do in life. However, the constant demands of giving leadership and riding point is not always a position I ...

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