by Rick White

Now Concerning the Collection
Rick White
1 Corinthians 16:1-4

Introduction: John McGary is a young man in our church who works for Duane Ward (also in our church) who is president of Premier Speakers. Evidently John is a very creative guy who is known for sending out daily quotes inside the company for the purpose of encouragement, humor, or simply to stimulate creative thinking. Last week John sent out his 15 Top Ways To Raise Money For Church Building Projects (geared primarily for fellow employees who also attend our church) but could be enjoyed by almost anyone with a healthy sense of humor.

Give away key chains in return for tithes over $25.00
Charge $75.00 for Annual Church Membership
Show movies 6 nights a week on the big screen T.V.
One word: Concessions
Install Credit Card swipers on the offering plates

Childcare: $6.00/hr
Two Words: Parking Meters
Charge members for sending prayers to God

Door to door selling of FBC Scout Cookies

Pastors begin charging consulting fees like lawyers
Install whirlpool jets and rent out the baptistery as "Hot Tub Seating"

Sell PSL's

I read about a church in the Twin Cities (and I am not making this up) that had a financial shortfall and brainstormed; what are some ways we could motivate our people to give? This is what they did.

At the end of their offering for a period of time, it was their custom to pull one offering envelope out of the basket and whoever it was that had given that particular envelope got twice the amount that they put into it. It's kind of a lottery deal for people that gave the offerings to the church, given back as a bonus deal. Keep in mind this was not Vegas but the Twin Cities, very sober Scandinavians.

I have never felt any hesitation in speaking to my congregation about money -- I thrill to it. I revel in it. I love to see the liberal enjoy it. I love to watch the stingy suffer.
-Clovis G. Chappell

Well, I really wish I could say that I have n ...

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