by Rick White

Examining the Blue Print for Family Life
Rick White
Genesis 2:24-25
May 16, 1993 am

See Genesis 2:24-25

Introduction: Although Americans claim to believe in family values, their own family relationships are becoming increasingly unstable. Two-thirds of the marriages that take place this year will end in divorce. The majority of children under 18 will spend part of their growing up years in a one-parent home. Surveys taken nearly two decades apart indicate that attitudes toward family have changed very little. In the 1971 poll, 75% rated having a happy marriage as very important and 69% gave the same rating to having a good family life. On the other hand, only 38% considered having an interesting job to be extremely important. The 1989 survey found that family interest will ranked much higher than individualistic goals. Other surveys have highlighted the strong correlation between a happy family life and overall life satisfaction, but statistics also show that Americans typically allow their pursuit of personal goals and interest to interfere with family life.

The reasons between values and behavior are varied. Attitudes have undergone a drastic shift. The ideal of marriage as a permanent relationship is definitely in decline. For example, in 1962 only 51% of women surveyed said a husband and wife who don't get along should divorce instead of staying together for the sake of the children, but in 1985 some 82% would opt to split up. The current divorce rate (nine times what it was 100 Years ago) indicates the deterioration of the family. Is there any hope for the family in the world today?

God has given us the basic guidelines for a good marriage in scripture. However we must remember that a marriage is not automatically Christian just because the husband and wife have both accepted Christ. Only by applying biblical principles to the relationship can a couple build a healthy marriage that is genuinely Christian. ...

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