by Rick White

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Freedom and Obedience (2 of 3)
Series:Morality Does Matter!
Rick White
John 8:32, 36, II Samuel 6:1-7

Message Truth: Real freedom comes to us when we make genuine and sincere commitments to live according to the revealed truth of God. The understanding of that truth is expressed in our obedience to His precepts.

(Read John 8:32, 36 NASB)

1. Most of us will never forget the night we watched the President's address to the nation. For almost a year we had watched and heard the daily news reports of all the accusations surrounding his actions with White House Intern, Monica Lewinsky. Finally there was nation wide anticipation that we might be getting to the truth and perhaps an end to another national scandal.

2. Indeed it could have been a defining moment both for our President and our nation. Just think where would we be today if on that evening in August the President had said: "This is not about Democrats or Republicans. This is not about political strategies. It's not about Ken Starr or anyone else. This is about me. I have sinned and I am asking this nation to forgive me". I tell you had that been the case, a sincere repentant heart from our leader, it would have been a defining moment in the soul of America. But something went awry. The President suffered a sudden and severe case of something that I experience from time to time and perhaps you do to. He could not come to grips with personal honesty. With the aid of spin doctors, advisors, and a heart not yet ready to yield to the real issue, defenses went up and freedom went out.

One of his biggest lessons of his first year in office he told U.S. News and World Report was that he could effectively shape the national debate on spiritual matters. "I think I underestimated the importance of the President's voice, just being able to speak about these issues in a coherent, clear, and forceful way." (Strobel, What Would Jesus Say, p.96)

(Psa 78:72 NIV) And David shepherded them w ...

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