by Rick White

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Famous Last Words (6 of 6)
Series: Bridge Builders: People Reaching People
Rick White
Matthew 28:18-20

Message Truth: Understanding of mission is essential to any organization including the church. Once we understand the mission then we must faithfully resolve to carry it out.

(See Matthew 28:18-20 NIV)
(See Acts 1:6-11 NIV)

On a chilly and overcast February day in 1962, John H. Glenn Jr., became the first American to orbit the Earth. The historic day began when Glenn, then 40 years old, awoke at 1:30 a.m. After a big meal and a brief medical exam, Glenn climbed into his spacesuit and, at sunrise, boarded the car-sized Friendship 7 spacecraft. He checked the gauges. Everything looked good. He buckled in. Then came the word from Mission Control - all systems were go. The countdown began. The gantry was moved away. The rockets fired. And as the ship lifted off, leaving Earth behind, fellow Mercury 6 Astronaut Scott Carpenter uttered the sentiments of a nation: ‘‘Godspeed, John Glenn.’’

(October 29, 1998) Speaking to the crew, (STS-95) Carpenter said, ‘‘At this point in the count, it seems appropriate to say to the crew, good luck, have a safe flight, and to say once again, ‘‘Godspeed, John Glenn.’’

Someone has determined that the average person speaks about 30,000 words daily. (Most moms would eclipse that figure.) Much of what we say is immediately forgotten, which may say something about how trivial our conversations are. However, there are some words we never forget. The last words of someone every important to us we will always remember. Examples:
1. FDR: I have a terrific headache.
2. Woodrow Wilson: Edith, I’m a broken machine but I’m ready.
3. P.T. Barnum: How were the receipts at Madison Square Garden today?
4. U.S. Grant: Water
5. Socrates: (to Esclatheius) I owe Cretio one chicken, please see my debt is paid.
6. John Wesley: Best of all, God is with us.
7. Beethoven: I shall hear in heaven.
8. Peter Marshall: I ...

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