by Rick White

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It All Started with a Cup of Water (1 of 6)
Series: Bridge Builders: People Reaching People
Rick White
John 4:1-30

Message Truth: Evangelism is a generally accepted core value in the Christian church. However, it is more of a stated value than a realized value. The goal of this teaching series is to turn-up the evangelistic temperature of our church to the point that on-going evangelism becomes a realized value.

Introduction: (bridge) There are at least twelve different definitions in Webster’s for the word bridge. The most basic is: 1. A structure built over a river, railroad, highway, etc. to provide a way across for vehicles or pedestrians.

Perhaps the most famous bridge in our country is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
1. The concept of bridging the Golden Gate Strait was proposed as early as 1872 by railroad entrepreneur Charles Crocker.
2. In 1916 the idea was revived by James Wilkins, newspaper editor of the San Francisco Call Bulletin.
3. City Engineer Michael M. O’Shaughnessy began a national inquiry among engineers regarding the feasibility and cost of such a project.
4. Most said it could not be done and others speculated it would cost over $100 million.
5. Joseph Baremann Strauss, designer of nearly 400 spans, said it could be done and for a cost of $25-$30 million.
6. The War Department had to authorize construction because they had jurisdiction over all harbor construction that might affect shipping traffic or military logistics. They issued a provisional permit, Dec. 20, 1924.
7. On Dec.4, 1928 the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway district was formed to design and construct and finance the bridge.
8. On August 15, 1929 Joseph Strauss was selected as Chief Engineer.
9. On Nov. 4, 1930 voters in the district voted 145,697 to 47,005 to issue at $35 million bond campaign.
10. In November 1932 contracts totaling $23,843,905 were awarded for construction which commenced on January 5, 1933. The Bridge was completed and opened t ...

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