by Rick White

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Developing a Personal Prayer Plan (4 of 8)
Learning To Pray: 101
Rick White
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Message Truth: Someone has said that failing to plan is planning to fail. Since prayer is a spiritual discipline in life we need a personal prayer plan that will help us to grow and mature in our faith.

(See 1 Thess. 5:16-18 NIV)

Introduction: Most health clubs today offer a service called "personal trainer". This person is assigned to you for the purpose of helping you to achieve balance in your exercise program. Experience has taught them that without a carefully structured plan most of us will not follow a balanced fitness program.

Illustration: When I was a senior in college I signed up for a weight lifting course to complete physical education requirements. I thought, "how hard could this possibly be"? I was strong, not too smart, seemed liked the perfect combination for a passing grade in the course. After the first class I wanted out. All we did was run. We ran sprints over and over again. As soon as we ran sprints we ran laps. After we ran laps, we ran the stadium steps. Then in order to cool down we ran some more laps. We did not touch any weights for weeks. I soon discovered the only dumbbell I would see for a while was the guy in the mirror. Most of us tend to do what we enjoy and ignore the difficult, distasteful, or untried.

When it comes to prayer the same type of thing can happen to us. We can reach an imbalance to the point that it leads to feelings of guilt. Guilt leads to faint-heartedness or half-hearted praying which leads to prayerlessness. If this has happened to you, maybe it's time to set up a training program or a personal prayer plan. Keep in mind: this is not the only program or a perfect program. It is a good plan that has helped thousands to jump-start their prayer life.

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