by Rick White

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T'was the Day After Christmas (4 of 4)
Series: Christmas Miracles
Rick White
Luke 1:26-38

Message Truth: Christmas is a celebration of God's kingdom that takes place inside every believer.

(See Luke 1:26-38 NIV)

1. I know we are all familiar with the Night Before Christmas but what do you think about on the morning after Christmas.
2. There is something about the Spirit of Christmas that we need to consider. Once a year something happens in the human spirit. People make efforts to give and go out of their way to forgive.
3. The problem is it passes. The old feelings begin to creep back inside. The sad thing is we seem to loose the very thing that the human heart longs for.

Illustration: Christmas Eve - World War I

It was Christmas Eve at the front lines during World War I. Men at arms stared at each other across the ''no man's land'' that divided the trenches of the warring armies. On one side were the soldiers of the British army, and facing them across the way was the German army. As the darkness began to gather on Christmas Eve, a rich tenor voice from the British Army was heard singing, ''The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not want...'', and from across the way, a great baritone voice was heard singing the same song in German. Then, they settled down in the evening darkness in the cold darkness of the trenches to wait for the dawn of Christmas Day.

When the dawn came, some of the British soldiers ventured out into ''no man's land'' with a football...a round football. Someone has said that wherever the British Army travels, they take two things: a football and their teapots! Then some of the German soldiers joined them and England played Germany in football in the middle of a battlefield in France on Christmas Day! The British won 3-2.

When the day ended and the day after Christmas dawned, the fighting began anew. The football game was replaced by the firing of weapons. A truce had reigned for a little while on Christmas ...

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