by Rick White

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What Do You Want for Christmas? (1 of 4)
Christmas Miracles
Rick White
Matthew 2:1-11

(See Matt. 2:1-11 NIV)

1. A young boy bugged his parents for weeks about getting him a special watch for Christmas. The subject became such a source of irritation that his dad finally told him, "If you mention this again, you will not get the watch. Stop bugging us about the watch." That night at dinner the little boy was asked to pray before the meal. "First", he said, "I would like to read this scripture", (Mark 13:37 NIV) What I say to you, I say to everyone: 'Watch!'"

2. Last year the most sought after toy was Tickle Me Elmo, a $29 Sesame Street character. There's a little chip inside of him that when you tickle him he says, "Ooh, that tickles!" The demand so exceeded the production that these dolls were selling for hundreds of dollars. One person paid $700, another paid $1200 and one woman in Florida paid $3500. Desperate shoppers were sending classified ads all over the Internet making offers.

3. This year's hot item is Furby. I saw it advertised on the Internet this week for $124.95. Do you speak Furbish? Tiger Electronic's hot, new, interactive toy can teach you how! Furby needs your attention like a real pet--it sees, feels, plays games, and can say 200 words and 800 phrases. This toy is almost impossible to find in the stores, but eToys is giving away one each day from now through December 25!

4. The day after Thanksgiving the crowds were so large at one area toy store that the fire marshal stood at the door and restricted the number of customers going in and out.

5. My figures are now somewhat dated but get this: Americans spend 8.5 billion dollars during the Christmas season; 150 million will go for wrappings alone; 100 million will be spent on trees; 200 million will be spent on postage; and 2 million telegrams will be sent between the 23rd and the 25th.

6. Transition: It is true that sometimes you really have to se ...

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