by Rick White

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The Church: God's Supernatural Community (6 of 6)
Rick White
Matthew 5:13-16

Introduction: HP + CP = MI (High Potency + Close Proximity = Maximum Influence/Impact). What possible influence could the people described in the beatitudes exert in this hard, tough world? Is there any chance whatsoever that the people who live the life described in vs. 1-12 will one day make a major influence in the world in which they live? It is evident that Jesus did not share this skepticism. Rather the reverse. In credible as it may sound, Jesus referred to that handful of Palestinian peasants as the salt of the earth and light of the world, so far-reaching was their influence to be. What on earth has gone wrong? Why have we moved so far away from the primary thing we were called to do?

• MI means maximum influence or impact. The scripture is very clear that Christ wants us to make the maximum impact on our world. Consider the following scriptures;
• See 1 Corinthians 5:18-19
• See Acts 1:8
• See Matthew 28:19-20
• See Matthew 4:19
The scripture is replete with instructions to impact our world for Christ. We are not held responsible for what men do with the truth of the gospel but we are held accountable for exposing them to the gospel.

HP + CP means High Potency plus Close Proximity
Salt has to have potency and be in close proximity if it is going to do its job. This is the key to understanding the use of this metaphor. Salt basically had/has three uses; create thirst, enhance flavor and provide spice, and retard the rate of moral decay. Low grade, savorless salt is worthless stuff. Salt has to get right up next to what it is trying to preserve or impact. Otherwise it becomes an attractive table ornament. Sometimes as believer we try to change the formula. For example we want to mix HP + LP or LP + CP.

• The idealized value. We believe that people everywhere ought to be saved and that the church should ...

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