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The Church: God's Supernatural Community (5 of 6)
Rick White
Acts 4

Introduction: Thus far in our study of the supernatural community we have discovered the following: (1) The church is supernatural because of it's beginning, agenda, and power. (2) Satan has always been opposed to the community and has worked for its demise. He has used two primary ways to attack the community: problems from within (integrity, needs, and conflict) and pressures from without.
Tonight we want to look at the pressures from without that threatened the early community of faith to see how they responded. In order to do that we need to do an overview of a couple of chapters in Acts.

Overview of Acts 3
A. Life Change 3:1-11 According to vs. 11 the people were amazed because this man's life had been changed. That is/should be one of the marks of the supernatural community. We should expect life change to take place. The healing that took place was not the end but the means to proclaiming and authenticating the gospel. The community of faith should be a place where multiple healings take place.

B. Powerful Proclamation 3:12-26 The healing of this man opened the door for Peter to proclaim the gospel in strong fashion. Verse 19 Peter calls for repentance.

C. Pressure from without 4:1-3 It is the pressure from without that most often causes us to be fearful. Transition this event and setting into your world. When was the last time that pressure from without kept you from being an active authentic witness of Jesus Christ. Note key verses.

• Vs. 5/ Intimidation by (religious) leaders.
• Vs. 13/ Recognized them as having been with Jesus.
• Vs. 17/ Warned not to speak any more in the name of Jesus.
• Vs. 18/ Commanded them not to speak or teach in the name.
• Vs. 21 / Threatened them regarding any future ministry.

How To Have Confidence In The Face of ...

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