by Rick White

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The Church: God's Supernatural Community (4 of 6)
Rick White
Acts 15

Introduction: So far in this series we have examined several things concerning the supernatural community: 1. It is supernatural in its beginning, agenda, and power. 2. We have looked closely at the problem of integrity and what the lack of it can do to the community. 3. We also looked closely at meeting needs within the community, and what failure to do so could mean to community life. Tonight we are going to examine the first breach or conflict in the life of the new community.

I for one do not like conflict, especially conflict within the church. Perhaps it has something to do with my background, having been a part of a church that experienced considerable conflict. However, I have come to understand that conflict is fairly natural and normal to life, sometimes it is even essential.

See Acts 15:36-40

Facts About Conflicts
1. They are inevitable. Difference is just a part of being human.
2. Even godly people will not always agree. This is not necessarily a sign of carnality. We can disagree without being disagreeable.
3. Every disagreement has the same two ingredients: an issue and varying viewpoints.
4. In many disagreements, each side is valid. Sometimes our conflict is a matter of perspective.

An Examination of Acts 15
The chapter start and ends with great debate and dissension. In this context we will discover 4 principles that arise out of conflict.
1. Principle of Absolutes vs.2, 1, 5
Some things are absolutely essential to the health, future, and life of the community. For Paul it was how a person is made right with God. That was an issue on which there could be no compromise. It was an essential to the faith of the community. In our day and in our convention it has been the issue of inerrancy of scripture. It was an essential for the health of the future. Today we suffer in America form the disease of relativism. There must be some absolutes e ...

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