by Rick White

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The Church: God's Supernatural Community (2 of 6)
Rick White
Acts 4:32-5:11
June 20, 1993

Review: Last Sunday evening we began a new series on The Church: God's Supernatural Community. I stated to you that my purpose for this series was three-fold: (1) We tend to reduce the supernatural to that which is common. (2) To review in scripture what God says about the church. (3) To address some needs that are directly related to our local church. In Acts 1:1-8 we discovered why the church is supernatural. (1) It has a supernatural beginning. (2) It has a supernatural agenda. (3) It has a supernatural power.

Introduction: C.H. Spurgeon penned these words: "Coals of fire cannot be concealed beneath the most sumptuous apparel, they will betray themselves with smoke and flame. Neither can pet sins be long hidden beneath the most ostentatious profession of faith; they will sooner or later discover themselves, and burn sad holes in a person's reputation. Sin needs quenching in the Savior's blood, not concealing under the garb of religion."

What does it mean to be a part of the supernatural community? Perhaps the best way to answer that is by looking back to the original community.

Characteristics of Community Life
1. Unity vs. 32
2. Power vs.33
3. True Fellowship vs.34-35

A Couple in the Community / Acts 5:1-11
While living in this supernatural community something went wrong, not with the community but with two people in the community. (Read and paraphrase text.) Verse 3 declares that Satan had filled their hearts. The question is how did their hearts become empty to begin with. George Mac Donald defined hypocrisy as the desire to look better than you are; the hiding of things you do, because you would not be supposed to do them, because you would be ashamed to have them known where you are known. The doing of them is foul; the hiding of them, in order to appear better than you are, is fouler still. (p 59 Greatest Works)


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