by Rick White

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The Church: God's Supernatural Community (1 of 6)
Rick White
Acts 1:1-8
June 13, 1993

Introduction: Some may ask immediately why a series on the church? My purpose for sharing this series is three-fold. (1) There is a tendency in life to consider that which is supernatural as natural or common. It is a malady that impacts all of us. Just like we can reduce relationships as something very common we can also reduce the church to something that is very common. (2) To review what God says about His church and lead us to a new appreciation of what is means to be a part of the community of faith called the church. (3) To address some needs that are directly related to our local church.

Several weeks ago while flying to the West Coast I shared the seat next to a young adult woman who was engaging in conversation with two people across the isle about church. I listened carefully to what was being said but I did not join the conversation. After a while she turned to me and began conversing. She asked where I lived, where I was going, and the purpose for my travel. When I told her where I lived, she began to tell me about a very fine church in this community. She was fairly knowledgeable about the church, it's pastor, and ministry. I played along for a while before introducing myself as the pastor of the church she had been affirming. On my return flight I encountered another young woman who immediately after being seated asked me, " what do you do?" When I told her she immediately began to reduce the church to something less that what it is. What is the church?

We too often reduce it to;
• a building
• a corporation
• a need meeting agency such as the Red Cross, etc.
• a value clarification center
• a calendar of activities
• an obligation of duty
• a theological proposition
The danger of our day is to not understand the nature of the church and what it is all about. Acts 1:1-8 gives us a sure and certain foundation for understanding the churc ...

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