by Rick White

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You Don't Have to Be Home Alone This Christmas (2 of 4)
A BlockBuster Christmas
Rick White
Matthew 1:18-25

Introduction: The holiday season is a great time of the year, at least for most of us. We are anticipating some wonderful times of fellowship with friends and family. However for some people it is not a wonderful time of the year. Those who work in the area of mental health have told us for years how difficult this time of the year can be for certain people. Rather than relieving the pressure of life this season of the year magnifies the heartaches for some people. In fact there are more people who attempt suicide between Thanksgiving and New Years than at any other time of the year.

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving I was traveling to Orlando. It was the heaviest travel day of the year. I saw all kinds of people with all types of emotions. There were lots of tears as loved ones were saying their good-byes to one another. Middle age adults were bidding farewell to aging parents and you had to wonder was this going to be the last Thanksgiving they would ever share together. Young service men and women were leaving to return to military duty as tears filled the eyes of family members left behind. One of the saddest sights was single parents saying good-bye to children as they boarded the plane to go back to the other parent.

It brought back a memory for me of the one and only time when I spent a holiday all alone. Patti and Carrie had flown back to be with our families for Thanksgiving and I had to stay behind in Oklahoma for reasons that I cannot even remember today. The one thing that I remember most about it was the overwhelming sense of loneliness.

"It is the most desolate word in all human language. It is capable of hurling the heaviest weights the heart can endure. It plays no favorites, ignores all rules of courtesy, and knows neither border nor barrier, yields no mercy, refuses all bargains, and holds the clock in utter contempt. It cannot ...

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