by Rick White

Leaving Home
Rick White
Luke 15:11-19

Introduction: "Joy is the serious business of heaven." (CS Lewis)
Three words summarize this passage: lost, found, and rejoice.
A. Illustration: Photograph - Geneen Taylor, missing person. I million a year, most are runaway's.
B. Autobiographical that mirrors each of us.
C. This boy was mistaken regarding the essence of life--getting away from the Father.
D. Jesus of the NT is very different from any modern Christian congregation.

1. Leaving Home
A. Insult to the father v.12
B. Immediacy of fulfillment
1. We want it now
2. We want it all now.

2. Away From Home v.1 3
A man's worst difficulties begin when he is able to do just as he likes. (T. Huxlay)
A. Desirability of Distance
B. Disappointment with life. v. 14-15-16
C. Essence of sin is not a list of things, but it is our desire to leave the Father.

3. Thinking About Home
There is an insanity in sin that seems to paralyze the image of Christ within us and liberate the animal inside.
A. Spiritual Comma
B. Seize the moment

A. The essence of sin is separation from Father.
B. The far country is not necessarily a distant place - it exists in our hearts.
C. You can come back to the Father.
D. Seize the moment.

Luke 15:20-24

Illustration: Carolyn McClain (22) and Scott Swanson (23).
Students at Wheaton College staged the appearance of abduction. Her red BMW, credit cards and license were found just outside a police precinct one Saturday in April. A lifestyle of un-ending deception finally took its course when a letter arrived four months later explaining to her parents what had taken place. Evangelical parents received them back warmly and gladly.
A. Essence of the problem is apartness, not badness.
B. Motives for going home are never unmixed.
C. Not every ...

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