by Rick White

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Preparing to Give My Best (1 of 5)
Series: Giving My Best. . .Lord
Rick White
John 6:5-13

Message Truth: Preparation for giving has to begin with proper focus and perspective. Today we want to gain insight from a Biblical model that will prepare our hearts for giving Him our best.

Introduction: "The story goes that while Robert Smith was taking his afternoon walk as part of his therapy in recovering from a massive heart attack, the phone rang and his wife Delores answered. The call was from the Reader's Digest Association Sweepstakes in New York. They were calling to inform the Smith family that Robert had just won $1,500,000 and that in a few days the certified check would be arriving. Well, as you can imagine, Delores was absolutely ecstatic. Now all those dreams would come true!

"But then she remembered, her husband was just getting over his heart attack, and the doctor had said no excitement over anything. Dolores was afraid that if she told him they had just won such a large sum, he would have another heart attack and die. What should she do? After some thought, she decided to call their pastor and ask his advice because he had had some experience in breaking difficult news to families.

"Delores called him and said, 'Pastor, I just got a call from The Reader's Digest Sweepstakes informing me that Bob has just won $1,500,000.'

"'That's great,' said the pastor, 'but what's the problem?'

"'Well, I'm afraid if I tell Bob, he'll get so excited that he will have another heart attack and drop dead. Can you help me?'

"'Well, Delores, I think I can. I'll be right over.'

"So in about an hour, Bob is back from his walk and he and Delores and Pastor Baldwin are in the den having a nice chat. The pastor leans toward Bob and says, 'Bob, I've got a problem and need your advice.'

"'Sure, Pastor, if I can help, I'll be glad to,' said Bob.

"The pastor takes a deep breath and goes on, 'It's a hypothetical situation regarding Chris ...

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