by Rick White

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Salvation: The Eternal Gift (3 of 4)
Series: Christmas Gifts from God
(Candlelight Service)
Rick White
Luke 2:25-33

Message Truth: When Jesus came into the world He gave us many wonderful gifts, peace, joy, and purpose. But the best gift that He gives to us is the gift of eternal life.

Introduction: Well Christmas is the gift-giving season. You only have a few more days to make your selection for those special persons in your life. I do think that part of the joy of Christmas is watching a child open their gifts. And frankly I believe there is still something of a little child in all of us.

(The Perfect Gift)
"This," said the salesman, holding up a royal blue, silk jacket, "is the very last word, just the thing for the man-about-town."
"I agree," the woman said, "But what do you have for a louse-around-the-house?"

(Exactly What I Don't Need)
Wife (to husband on Christmas morning): "You angel! This is just what I need to exchange for just what I wanted!"

(All I Want For Christmas Is A New Mother-In-Law)
Dear Darling Son and That Person You Married,

Merry Christmas to you, and please don't worry. I'm just fine considering I can't breathe or eat. The important thing is that you have a nice holiday, thousands of miles away from your ailing mother. I've sent along my last ten dollars in this card, which I hope you'll spend on my grandchildren. God knows their mother never buys them anything nice. They look so thin in their pictures, poor babies.

Thank you so much for the Christmas flowers, dear boy. I put them in the freezer so they'll stay fresh for my grave. Which reminds me-- we buried Grandma last week. I know she died years ago, but I got to yearning for a good funeral so Aunt Viola and I dug her up and had the services all over again. I would have invited you, but I know that woman you live with would have never let you come. I bet she's never even watched that videotape of my hemorrhoid surgery, has she?

Well son, it's ti ...

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