by Rick White

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Searching For Significance: Do I Really Matter? (4 of 7)
Rick White

Message Truth: Within every person there is an ongoing search for significance. We want to know that we are people of worth and value. This search can only be fulfilled in a personal faith relationship to God through His Son Jesus Christ.

Introduction: Perhaps there is no better picture of searching for significance that the one seen in the following note, written by a seven-year old boy to a psychotherapist who works with children:
Dear Doctor Gardner;
What is bothering me is that long ago some big person it was a boy about 13 years old. He called me turtle and I know he said that because of my plastic surgery. And I think god hates me because of my lip. And when I die he'll probably send me to hell.
Love, Chris

The sad truth is that many believers, some who are in this very room can identify with the feelings expressed by Chris. Feeling such as a deep sense of unworthiness, acute inadequacy, lack of confidence, and an inability to accept ourselves. These beliefs and feelings may not be clearly articulated, but often reflects misperceptions such as theses:
* God doesn't really care about me.
* I am an unlovable, worthless person. Nobody will ever love me.
* I'll never be able to change.
* I've been a failure all my life. I guess I'll always be a failure.
* If people really knew me, they wouldn't like me.

Dr. Robert McGee, in his book The Search For Significance, has this to say:
"Relatively few of us experience the blend of contentment and godly intensity that God desires for each person. From life's outset, we find ourselves on the prowl, searching to satisfy some inner, unexplained yearning. Our hunger causes us to search for people who will love us. Our desire for acceptance pressures us to perform for the praise of others. We strive for success, driving our minds and bodies harder and farther, hoping that because of our sweat and sacrifi ...

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