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Rick White
Exodus 20:15

Exod. 20:15 "You shall not steal.

Message Truth: The eight commandment addresses the issue of stealing, taking something that is not rightfully ours. However, the real issue is the heart attitude behind stealing, a takers attitude about life. Today we are going see the difference between a giver and taker in life.

A. Recent Reports found in USA today:
1. The dirty thief: In August, Mascotte, Florida, mayor Josh Thomas was arrested and charged with stealing nearly $7,000 worth of dirt, over a period of several days, from a construction site.

2. Where's the beef? In Cobb County, Ga., Officer Nathan Nordstrom found a Marietta grocery store manager holding down one of his customers, who was struggling to free herself. The manager said he had seen the woman hide four packages of New York strip steaks in her pants and then try to leave the store. When he stopped her, she became combative, the manager said. Police found she was carrying $37 worth of steaks and a $2 Bic lighter.

3. A palace for your work: In December, three men were arrested in Russellville, Ark., and charged with theft. The men lived in a three-bedroom, two-bath house that, according to the Pope County sheriff, was built and furnished in its entirety with stolen materials - everything, according to an investigator, from the plywood to a porch swing to the teapots.

4. Getting what's coming to him: After David May resigned in October from the office of Registrar of Vital Statistics in Buffalo, N.Y., he asked to be paid the $8500 in unused annual leave he had accrued. May resigned only because he had been caught on videotape taking cash payments from people requesting documents like birth certificates, and had more than $200,000 in improperly gained cash at his house. According to the city's labor relations director, May is legally entitled to the $8500. ...

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