by Rick White

Will Those Who Come Behind Us?
Rick White

Introduction: Illustration of Cangerbury Cathedral.

Our mission is to increasingly know Christ and to continuously make Him known through our worship, witness, nurture, fellowship.

(Focused on purpose)

(Faithful to their calling)

I. The Things You Have Heard from Me
A. Gospel
B. Sound Doctrine (Word, Prayer, Holy Spirit)
1. How To Be Saved
2. How To Know You’re Saved
3. How To Share Your Faith

II. Entrust To Faithful Men
A. Pass On Generation to Generation
B. Discipleship (one on one - groups)
No dicthomy in N.T./evanglism vs discipleship

III. To Reach Others Also
A. Multiple Services (styles and personalities)
B. Service - ministry mentality
Illustration of how to build the church

Scripture Reference: II Kings 20

The tone is set by a book by William Mansfield entitled: A World Lit Only By Fire (history of the renaissance in the late middle ages). The book talked about the Canterbury Cathedral which was the lead cathedral of the Anglican Church. He made a statement: it required twenty-three generations to build Canterbury Cathedral; centuries to build and we know nothing about the lives of the builders.

That doesn't sound like it is all that significant. I would like to suggest to you as we study the lives of these people that these people were masons, not free masons as we know today, but stone masons. They devoted their entire lives to the building of this cathedral. A man might spend his entire life just building the relief or the artwork over the door or just building a couple of columns to perfection. He might spend his whole life doing that and he would consider himself a success if he simply contributed what God enabled him to contribute in his lifetime. He did not care whether he was able to enjoy the cathedral in this generation. He believed that the importance of the cathedral was that it speak of the glory of God in a generat ...

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