by Rick White

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The Foundation of All Forgiveness (2 of 7)
Series: The Freedom of Forgiveness
Rick White
Acts 10:43

Acts 10:43 "Of Him all the prophets bear witness that through His name everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins."

Message Truth: The foundation for all forgiveness is the work of Christ on the cross. Until we are clear about how sin is forgiven we will never be able to experience or share forgiveness with others.

Introduction: One of my most memorable experiences from seminary days involved taking an exam which had been specifically designed by the professor to illustrate the doctrine of grace. As the exam was distributed, he cautioned the class to read the entire exam before we began answering questions. At the top of the first page, in large bold letters was the following message: Please read the entire exam before you begin!

As the students began to read through the four page exam you could hear the audible sounds or mourning taking place right there in the room. Everyone was shocked by the intensity of the exam and realized we were no where near prepared. However, at the very end of the last page was this statement: "You have a choice. You may take this exam or you may simply sign your name on the outside and hand it in. Those doing so will receive an A for this exam."

The professor later told us that through the years he had given this same exam in order to illustrate grace. The reaction of the students had become predictable.

(1) Some would begin to work furiously without regard for the instructions to read through the exam before beginning work.

(2) Some would work for a while and finally give up in disgust and surrender.

(3) He told about one fellow who actually read the instruction and decided to take the exam anyway, declaring that he did not want a gift but wanted to earn his grade (which he did- C-).

When we consider the problem of sin and God's solution to sin the response of peo ...

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