by Rick White

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How to Stunt Your Spiritual Growth (1 of 4)
Series: Messages on Maturity
Rick White

Introduction: I suppose you can blame it on my demented sense of humor but I have always enjoyed articles that take a back door approach to instruction. You know the kind of articles that I'm talking about, How To Ruin A Round of Golf. That gets your attention. The author then offers some helpful hints. For example, to ruin a round of golf;

- Take your wife along.
- Better yet, take along an honest score keeper.
- Disallow mulligans or gimmes (which is golfer talk for cheating).
- Play the ball down at all times.

It's a fun way to learn about the game of golf.

On a somewhat more serious note, author Paul Meir talks about How To Turn Your Child Into A Criminal.
- Don't ever enforce household rules, then your child will never learn about consequences.
- Always give in to the temper tantrum so your child can learn that manipulation is the key to their controlling you.
- Give your child a huge allowance and don't make them do anything for it. That way they will think that the world owes them a living.
- Don't give them any chores so they can learn to be irresponsible early in life. He says many other things but this simply illustrates a thought provoking way to learn.

In this same back handed style, I have put together a message that will help you if you want to know How To Stunt Your Spiritual Growth. Perhaps during the holiday period just passed you had the opportunity to sit down by the fire and give some serious thought to your spiritual life. If your resolution was to regress spiritually during 1995, then today is your lucky day. I will guarantee you if you will follow these four simple steps that one year from now you will have moved away from God and your life will be far more detached from Him than it is this morning.


Morning Prayer: The essence of our faith is a personal relationship with God throug ...

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