by Rick White

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When the Going Gets Tough, Keep Your Eye on the Prize (8 of 26)
Series: Truths That Transform
Rick White
2 Corinthians 4:13-18

Introduction: There are times when I simply marvel at the sovereignty of God when I open His Word. Through the years I have made it a practice to preach through books of the Bible or special series. I have done this for two reasons.

(1) It leads to better, healthier, more balanced proclamation. It would be easy to gravitate to subjects of interest and neglect some portion of teaching that is badly needed in life.

(2) It has been a good personal protection. It has prevented me from taking issues of a personal nature to the pulpit and making them issues of defense. That makes it even more remarkable when God gives to you a serendipity from His Word that addresses issues head on for me personally and for the body collectively.

Question: Are there times in your Christian life when even for a moment you entertain the idea of quitting? You look around at everything around you and say what good is all this? Why stay the course?

Sometimes little things can get you off track. Things that people say or do can influence you in one direction of another.

(Illustration) Perhaps you heard about the preacher who was exhorting his congregation about their mission in the world. He declared, if this church is going to make a difference in this community then she will have to walk with the Lord. The reply came back from the congregation, Let her walk preacher, let her walk. He continued, if this church is going to make a difference she will have to run. The reply came back, let her run, preacher, let her run. He continued, if this church is going to make a difference, she will have to fly for the Lord. Oh let her fly preacher, let her fly. Finally in climatic fashion he exhorted, if this church is going to make a difference in this community we are going to have to spend some money. The reply came back, let her walk preacher, let ...

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