by Rick White

A Victorious Vision
Rick White
Numbers 13: 1-3, 4-33

Introduction: Helen Keller was asked, ‘‘What would be worse than being born blind?’’ She replied, ‘‘To have sight without vision.’’ Today I am going to speak to you on the subject of A Victorious Vision. There are some things that I want to share that perhaps will be helpful to all of us as we experience life together in this community of faith.

(1) This is a very personal kind of message. Robert K. Greenleaf, in his book The Servant as Leader, says, ‘‘Foresight is the ‘lead’ that the leader has. Once he looses this lead and events start to force his hand, he is leader in name only. He is not leading; he is reacting to immediate events and he probably will not long be a leader. There are abundant current examples of loss of leadership which stems from a failure to foresee what reasonably could have been foreseen, and from failure to act on that knowledge while the leader has freedom to act.’’ Leaders can never take their people farther than they have traveled. Like leader, like people. Obviously, the proclamation of this message cannot and should not be abdicated to anyone other than the Under Shepherd of the church.

(2) It may be that some have arrived today with the single notion that this service would only be a front for a collective opportunity for me to somehow persuade you of leaderships position on relocating to a new church campus. While I will not hesitate to state my personal position on that matter during this message, I will also assure you that is not our reason for gathering in this assembly today. I hope you will remain open and listen today with your ears, but also with your mind, heart, and spirit.


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