TIME OUT (4 OF 10)

by Andrew McQuitty

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Time Out (4 of 10)
Andrew McQuitty
Exodus 20:8-11

''Sabbath is the biblical tool for protecting time against desecration. It is the rhythmic setting apart of one day each week for praying and playing--the two activities fort which we don't get paid, but which are necessary for a blessed life'' (Eugene Peterson).

Introduction: The Sabbath is God's maintenance schedule for you.

When I was in High School, my dad had a vintage 1950 Ford Coupe. I don't know how many hundreds of thousands of miles it had traveled. But I do know it was a kick to purr down the highway in a car older than I was that ran smoother than a sewing machine! And so it continued to run until I wrecked it one night, but I don't want to go there this morning! I do want to point out the key to that old Ford's longevity. It can be summarized in one word. Maintenance. That car had been cared for. Oil changed regularly. Engine tuned. Suspension greased. Tires rotated. That car ran very well for very long because it had been very well maintained.

In this respect, people and cars have a lot in common. They can look good on the outside while falling apart on the inside if improperly maintained. But if taken care of, they can not only look good, but run well for a long, long time. Any auto owner's manual gives us the maintenance schedule for that particular car. In the same way, our owner's manual, the Bible, gives us the maintenance schedule for the human race. It's called the Fourth Commandment. READ Ex. 20.8-11. . .

Sabbath comes from the Hebrew ''Shabbat'' which means to stop, cease, or desist. It calls for observing regular intervals of leisure along with our labor. Traditionally, Moslems take their Sabbath on Friday, Jews on Saturday, and Christians on Sunday in honor of the Lord's resurrection. But it's not the day of the week, but the concept of rest that is important! God created the Sabbath as a gift to people. As Jesus affirmed in Mk. 2.27, ''The Sabbath was made for man, a ...

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