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E. Andrew McQuitty


A. ILLUS: In 1936, an NBC radio engineer named Claude Fetridge came up with the idea of broadcasting live the famous yearly departure of the swallows from San Juan Capistrano on October 23. NBC made all the elaborate preparations for the event at great cost. Then, the swallows left a day ahead of schedule! Frustrated beyond belief, Claude coined what is known as Fetridge's Law: Important things that are supposed to happen do not happen, especially when people are looking.

B. Sometimes life just does not go the way we'd planned it; sometimes our dreams are dashed. The hardest disappointments in life are when we truly wanted to do something good for God, and for some reason He says no. We wanted to marry a strong Christian and serve God well for a lifetime at their side, and God said no. We wanted to have a successful business so we could substantially finance God's work around the world, and He said no. We wanted to be a missionary or a pastor or a teacher or a leader in the church, and God said no. We wanted to have children and raise them to love Jesus Christ, and God said no. We wanted to get into a certain school for training that we could use for His glory, and God said no. We set out with big plans and bold confidence only to be whacked with disappointments and dead-ends. At such times, it's easy to agree with Fetridge. Important things that are supposed to happen do not happen.

C. God's no's raise hard questions: does He still love me? does He really want my best? does He even care? What does it really mean when God says no, and how should I respond when He does? This morning, let's answer these questions by studying a time in King David's life when God said no to him. . .

I. What it means when God says no. . .

A. God has a different idea for your life.

1. Scripture: 1-11a. David has finally achieved the American dream: peace, prosperity, and a new split-level home with a ...

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