by Andrew McQuitty

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In the Presence of Mine Enemies (6 of 17)
E. Andrew McQuitty
1 Samuel 24-26

Introduction: how to negotiate the enemy minefield. . .

A. ILLUS: Tom Clancy's Patriot Games ends with a bone-chilling scene in which the hero, Jack Ryan, catches up to an international terrorist named Sean Miller who had nearly murdered his wife and daughter. Miller is in a group of just-captured prisoners, prone on the deck of a ship at night when he turned his head and saw Ryan staring at him. . . They recognized each other in an instant, and Miller saw something, a look that he had always reserved for his own use. 'I am death,' Ryan's face told him. 'I have come for you.' It seemed to Ryan that his body was made of ice. His fingers flexed once around the butt of his pistol as. . .his eyes locked on Miller's face. . . Jack reached him and kicked Miller's leg. He gestured with the pistol for him to stand, but he didn't say a word. 'You don't talk to snakes. You kill snakes.' . . . Miller looked into his eyes and. . . for the first time in his life, knew fear. . . His face broke out in a sweat and his hands trembled as, despite all his contempt for religion, he feared the eternity in Hell that surely awaited him. Ryan saw the look in Miller's eyes, and knew it for what it was. 'Goodbye, Sean. I hope you like it there.' Jack knew that he had little time. He brought up the pistol and forced it into Miller's mouth as his eyes bored in on Sean's. He tightened his finger on the trigger. . . LET'S STOP THERE! In Ryan's place, what would you do?

B. If that was an unscrupulous business competitor who tried to ruin your reputation and steal your business, or an ex-wife or husband who deserted you or cheated on you when you most needed their loyalty, or an ex-friend who sold you out for popularity with the in group at school--would you be tempted to pull the trigger? Most of you know what it is to fantasize about getting your enemy at your mercy, of get ...

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