by Andrew McQuitty

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Three Questions for Those Who Hate Christianity (12 of 20)
E. Andrew McQuitty
Acts 6:8-8:1

There are good reasons why the elite and the liberal press attack what they derisively call the religious right. . . Religion is about moral absolutes. There is no equivocation about its routine condemnation of fornication, adultery and homosexuality, stealing, lying and cheating. . . (Walter E. Williams). Now when they heard this, they were cut to the quick, and they began gnashing their teeth at him (Acts 7.54).


Introduction: three questions for those who hate Christianity Hatred in the land If you want to go far, having too many principles can be a career liability. (From the drama). If you don't believe it, ask Bishop Knox, the black ex-principle of Wingfield High School in Jackson, Mississippi.

Because he allowed student-initiated, student-led, and student sponsored prayer in his school leading up to Thanksgiving, superintendent Ben Canada fired him for allegedly violating Supreme Court rulings against school prayer. When 200 students boycotted classes at Wingfield in protest of this firing, Canada suspended them.

The Wingfield incident is just one of a litany of anti-Christian episodes in America today. On February 1, 1993, the Washington Post carried a terrible article about Christians who called the capitol to protest Clinton's lifting of the homosexual ban in the military. It referred to them as poor, uneducated and easy to command. Soon after, political cartoonist Pat Oliphant published a cartoon depicting fundamental Christians as rats dragging the Republican elephant into a mission with a Jesus Saves sign above the door. So what are we to do?

In the face of such attacks, many Christians simply don't know what to say. As Dr. Carl Henry said: First, the barbarians are coming; in fact, they are already within the gates. Second, Jesus is also coming, which is the blessed h ...

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