by Jim Henry

A Time for War - A Time for Peace
Rev. Jim Henry
Ecclesiastes 3:8
Sunday 03/23/03

This morning as I share this message with you I
want to begin with these words: I realize that I
cannot speak for everybody in our congregation. I
cannot speak for everybody that is a Christian. I
cannot speak for everybody that is a Baptist. I
recognize that, but I also feel like I do represent a
large contingent of people. I realize that, with all
the voices that are being heard today, there is a
responsibility from the Christian community to also
say some things. So that is what I want to do today
because there are a lot of questions. Sometimes there
are answers and sometimes not. Some of you may not
agree with me, and that is fine. Understand there is
no personal animosity for anyone who may not agree
with what I say. If you are in Jesus Christ, you are
my brother or my sister, and we have that right to
differ. I also have some concern of responsibility to
voice some things that need to be voiced. Will you
pray for me as I share, and we will ask the Holy
Spirit to lead us as we look and listen.

Father, thank You for the freedom to be here
today to talk, to worship, to pray, and for the
freedom to bring this message. I pray, Father, that
You will help me to do it. I need, Holy Spirit, Your
guidance. I have tried to put together something the
best I understand from our perspective that is fair
and feel in my heart that is right. I pray that You
will give listening and thoughtful ears to me today to
Your Spirit. I pray that You will help us understand
the gravity of what we are about in the world. It is
a bigger game going on in the universe than what is
taking place even in Iraq. Help us to understand
things in a wider perspective through Your eyes. Let
the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart
be acceptable in Your sight Lord, our Rock and
Redeemer in Jesus name, Amen.


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