by Jim Henry

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The Will of God
Rev. Jim Henry
Jeremiah 10:23
Sunday, 8/26/01, 9:15 AM Service

John Ortberg a fellow pastor has a little sign he
keeps on his car's dashboard that displays just one
word: LISTEN. He says, "It's a reminder to me every
day to be listening for God."

These weeks we are looking at knowing the will
and the way of God. Most of us are seeking to know
God's will and way in our lives in different ways and
to understand something of the will of God. It's a
mystery and it's a marvel. As I said last week, I'm
not one who has all the answers, but I'm on a journey
with you and I have discovered some things about the
will of God and I am continuing to discover others.
As we walk along in this journey I hope that you will

Someone has said that it's a strange thing that
we believe that when we're talking to God, it's prayer
and when God talks to us we're schizophrenic! But if
we're talking to God, God talks to us because He has a
plan for our lives.

Let's go to our Bibles; the beginning text this
morning is in Jeremiah, chapter 10:23. "I know, O
Lord, that a man's life is not his own; it is not for
man to direct his steps." So if it's not for man to
direct his steps, then who is to direct our steps?
It's God. This morning I want us to consider some
roadblocks that we may erect which keep us from
knowing and doing God's will and knowing His way and
His will in our lives so that we can then remove those
roadblocks and begin to listen to the voice of God.

Please pray with me. Father, in these minutes we
thank You for the joy to be together and to praise
You, to sing to You, to know You're presence is here.
We thank You for the privilege to give, to fellowship
with one another; to be in a family of Faith. We thank
You for music in our hearts and on our lips that voice
the great truths of the Faith. Now, Father, Your Wo ...

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