by Jim Henry

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"Living In Hope With The End In View"
Daniel 12:1-13
Rev. Jim Henry

December 20, 1995 was a dark night, as an
American Airlines flight approached Cali, Colombia
with the weather a little more turbulent than usual.
Downdrafts were making it more difficult to navigate
when one of those things happened that we just wish
wouldn't happen. Apparently there was a mix-up from
the control tower to the pilots, according to later
studies, but the pilot turned left instead of right.
In just seconds that plane crashed into a mountain and
160 people's lives were snuffed out. The end was
coming and they didn't know it.

Many today do not realize that the end is coming.
Some do realize it and some don't. Some are like the
young man who saw a movie about events yet to come and
when he came out of the theatre, he said, "You know, I
felt like something was going to happen, but I just
didn't know when; I just didn't realize that you could
just feel it in the air." So it is, people say there
are signs about the coming of Christ and the end of
time. Yes, there are signs.

Three signs particularly: One deals with the
nation of Israel. When you study the Bible you see how
Israel fits into God's plan and the end of time. There
are some that apply to the world. The Bible talks
about things that will be happening in the world;
talks about famines, earthquakes and lawlessness and
how that will increase more and more toward the coming
of Christ.

There's a third sign and that's about the
Church. The Bible says that the Church will begin to
fall away, that it will not hold to its truths. It
will not believe the Word of God and will begin to
interpret the Bible according to the culture and not
according to the Word of God. All these are signs
that there is coming a day when the end is near
insofar as we understand time and history. The Book of
Daniel gives us a scope and ...

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